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We post photos from on the road with GPS tracking so you can follow our route as we travel by Sprinter 4 x 4 camper van across the United States and Canada. During the next five months we are traveling along the lower U.S. through southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and then back again to California. If you want to know where we recently were check out route page

When you go to the page you can zoom in to individual states and locations and then zoom into photos along the route. Click on the photos and see where we've been.

Also while you are there take a look at some of the more scenic places we've been in our photos galleries. I've tried to post the best photos from our different locations for viewing and if you really like them you can purchase them through Smugmug.

Right now we are nestled into our van on the beach along the Louisianna coastline as the rain pours out of the sky. So far the weather hasn't cooperated completely but we are making the most of it and using this time to catch up on some photo editing, writing, and then dashing out in between rain storms to play with the dogs.

Taz and Mica wrestling with a stick. Who will win?

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Eight years ago our paths merged and we began our next adventures together.  Then along the way we invited to adventure dogs into our life with their own stories to tell...and we've never looked back!


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